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In the middel of Norway you find the beautiful route 705

Route 705 links the Røros-region and E6 (HEll/ Stjørdal) together. This beautiful road leads you past large lakes, fishing rivers, rough mountains, deep forests, small alleys and a number of old settlements. Enjoy a break on your journey and experience what Tydal and Selbu have to offer!

Mountains of Norway

On the mountain, crossing Langsvola, between the world heritage site Røros and Tydal, you can enjoy magnificent mountain-views. If you wish to experience nature from horseback, then there are Dyrhaug and Patrusli riding center in Stugudal, at the top of Tydal.


Tydal and Selbu have several interesting museums.

Fishing in Norway

The over three-mile-long Selbu-lake has excellent fishing spots and other and provides all sorts of leisure. On the banks of Nea, one of Europe’s best trout rivers, you will find Selbutunet.

Over night stay

Along this road, where nature and cultural experiences await you after every swing, you will find several cozy eateries; some of them with local specialties on the menu. Are you going to stay overnight and interested in local food, then the well-known Væktarstua Hotell and Selbusjøen Hotell & Gjestegård, several campsites and a number of farmhouses offer shelter.

We wish you a good journey on Touring Route 705!


Come and travel to Norway and find your way to Røros, Tydal, Selbu or Hell!

After you leave the mountain town of Røros (on the Unesco list), you drive towards Brekken or Glåmos to enter Route 705. From here, the road rises steadily until you are on a mountain plateau. Several signs alert the driver about reindeer. Chances are big that you are to experience these beautiful animals up close.

From Stugudal, situated by an idyllic lake, you follow the Nea River towards Tydal.  Here you will find small and larger towns along the road. Between Tydal and Selbu you will find forests and valleys sliding into an open countryside. Selbu, with itds lake Selbusjøen, is characterised by cultivated land and traditional landscapes.


«Visit Selbu»
Nestansringen 10 (Coop-senteret), Postboks 71 Mebonden
7581 Selbu
73 81 67 00
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Tydalsvegen 125, Ås,
7590 Tydal
73 81 59 00
08.00 - 15:00
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Stugudalsvegen 2039
7590 Tydal
73 81 55 12
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Peder Hiortgata 2
7374 Røros
72 41 00 00
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